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bil■lion pounds to ◆Britain thro◆ugh in

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    vestment ◆and procuremen●t and creating 〓7,500 jobs, ■making a name 〓for itself as a〓 provider of● high-quality produ◆cts and services.In ○the past proce●ss of its cooperatio◆n with Briti●sh partners, he wro●te, Huawei has e?/p> untries" on comp

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    魓panded its glob○al reach an◆d adapted to int■ernational ■standards, while ●in the future, ●Huawei has much● to contribute t■o the long-term d○evelopment o■f Britain's t●elecommunicatio■ns industry."H〓aving pledged a fur◆th

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    er 3 billi●on pounds to i■nvestment and pro〓curement in ○the UK in the ●coming five y■ears, Huawei will c●ontinue to play an a〓ctive role in IT 〓application■ in this country -○- a vote of confide〓nce in the◆ economic prospect

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  • y● confidence, pois■on business co

    s○ of the UK as i○t leaves the EU●," said Liu.■"To make thi●s vote coun○t, the UK must re●main committ◆ed to openne○ss and cooperation ●and provide a fair a●nd non-discrimin○atory busines◆s environme●nt for Huawei a●nd othe

    op●eration, and
  • ● cause uncertai〓nties and i〓nsta

    r Chinese ent●erprises," he ●said.On the■ contrary of posin◆g any threat ●to the coun■try, Liu sa〓id, Huawei has made● relentless eff◆orts in providing gl●obal solutions to ●maintaining cybe◆r security. "The Chi〓nese Governm?/p> bilities ○in th

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nt has never supp○orted cyber the■ft by any ●company, nor is〓 anyone aut●horized by law or re◆gulation to forc○e enterpris〓es to install back ◆doors."Cit◆ing the fact that, ◆over the past 30 y◆ears, there has ne■ver been any ev●idence showing that ●Huawei has ever don■e anything to u●ndermine the na○tional security o●f any coun●try, the ambassad○or called on Britain● to "pursue ◆an in

depende○nt policy based on〓 its national i◆nterests, i◆nstead of driftin○g along with ●others."To ans〓wer the question o○f "how to re■spond to the hyped ○allegation against ○Huawei," Liu◆ said, "I belive〓 the UK ha■s to decide whether ○it wants to s

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